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Newest Episode: GDermFresh   Ep.15

Episode 1:

January 5th: Skin Rejuvenation for Millennials, Staying a Step Ahead

Faculty: Dr. Vivian Bucay & Dr. Jason Emer


Lumisque: CO2 Lift & CO2 Lift V Mask | Website: | Contact: | P:954.780.8739

Episode 2:

February 2nd: 10 Disruptive Technologies in 2021

Faculty: Dr. Zoe Draelos & Dr. Jill Waibel


Aerolase: Website: | Contact: 914.345.8300 |

Improve Skin Concerns in a Whole New Way With Aerolase energy-based devices, we improve what’s working for you, fix what isn’t, and even give you the ability to address concerns you may not currently be treating. The outcome is a modern patient-provider experience that is more personalized and more enjoyable with incomparable results.

Aesthetic Management Partners: Website: | Contact: Tim Schultz | P: 310.486.2082

CLn Wash: Website: | Contact: Keaton Lawson | Additional Links & Handouts: CLn Aesthetics | Clinical Review | GDermFresh Exclusive Offer: Please visit the website to request samples

ERJ Solutions: Website: | Contact: Michael Gutlove | P: 201.281.1621 | Additional Materials

GoMD Virtual Health: Website: | Contact: Raymond Harjo | Additional Links and Materials: GoMD Virtual Dermatology — Ready to Transition? | Provider Sign-Up (Select Dermatology) | Member Sign-Up (Join to receive a code for your staff)

Nutrafol: Website:

Pulse Biosciences: Website: | Additional Materials

Episode 3:

March 2nd: Needles and Needling In Every Generation

Faculty: Dr Mary Lupo, Dr Corey Hartman, Dr Erin Gilbert, Dr Michael Gold & Dr Ava Shamban

Sponsors: Website: |

Two Products Discussed During LIVE Zoom: Young Glow Balm & Desire Sculpt Serum(buy the February box for full size products)

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Summer Cosmetic Bootcamp:  June 24-27th Aspen, CO

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16th Annual Music City SCALE:  August 18-22 2021 Nashville, TN


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Episode 4:


@AestheticaMD: Website: |

@aestheticaMD is about fusion. The coming together of dynamic companies, disruptive technologies, novel brands, and unique services, to meet the needs of today’s aesthetic practice. The lockdowns and locked doors brought the aesthetic industry to a near halt. New rules and policies for patient and staff safety are reshaping how aesthetic practices operate and interact with the industry. The thought of seeing twenty industry representatives with twenty different products is not practical when you can see one highly trained @aestheticaMD representative with the same twenty products. To meet your needs @aestheticaMD is building 5 verticals and thoughtfully populating them with innovative topicals, supplements, ingestibles, procedure care, medical devices, and specialty services. These verticals are the pillars that support a successful practice.  

Contact James Kone, Jr. : | 646.544.6317

Revanesse Versa by Prollenium: Website: |


Episode 5:


ZO Skin Health, Inc: Website: |

Contact Alesheia Randolph Bush, Field Vice President. : | 215-498-1121

Castle Biosciences: Website: | |

Castle Biosciences is a skin cancer diagnostics company focused on providing physicians and patients with personalized, clinically actionable genomic information enabling more accurate treatment plan decisions. From its formation in 2008, Castle Biosciences has applied emerging artificial intelligence techniques in molecular diagnostics to improve patient care and outcomes. Our DecisionDx family of molecular diagnostic tests have the ability to meaningfully impact how cancers are diagnosed and managed ( DecisionDx®-Melanoma predicts risk of recurrence or metastasis that can inform decisions on the risk of sentinel lymph node positivity and the intensity of follow-up, surveillance imaging, referral and adjuvant therapy for patients with invasive cutaneous melanoma. The test uses tumor biology to provide an individual risk of melanoma recurrence beyond traditional factors such as AJCC staging criteria and sentinel lymph node status and is supported by consistent evidence in over 25 publications including two meta-analyses showing Level 1A evidence classification. DecisionDx® DiffDx-Melanoma is a new gene expression profile test designed to reduce diagnostic uncertainty by providing a highly accurate and objective evaluation. DiffDx-Melanoma adds diagnostic clarity leading to a more confident diagnosis and a clearer treatment path for patients. DecisionDx®-SCC predicts metastatic risk for patients with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma who have one or more risk factors. The test complements factors commonly used for risk assessment in SCC. The incorporation of DecisionDx-SCC results with traditional risk factors provides additional risk prediction to better inform choices about treatment and follow-up care. DecisionDx-UM predicts risk of metastasis for patients with uveal melanoma, a rare eye cancer. The test is standard of care in a majority of ocular oncology practices. Castle Biosciences has active research and development programs for tests in other dermatologic diseases with high clinical need. The company is based in Friendswood, Texas with laboratory operations in Phoenix, Arizona (

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